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It doesn’t matter what you are into: what you are about or what you stand for, there is a place for you in Melbourne.  Melbourne is considered the ‘cultural capital of Australia’, bringing festivals, live performance, film industry, street culture, and art exhibitions throughout the year!

We have our ever popular sporting life of Melbourne; the originators of Australian Rules Football, the 1956 Olympics, Australian Open Tennis, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the nation stopper -The Melbourne Cup.  Melbourne has been the winner of the world’s most liveable city for several years.  So whether you are creative or arty, an intellectual, a bookworm, a fair-dinkum Aussie, a sportsman, a foodie, a family man or a shopper; Melbourne has something for you.

With a significant economic, population and urban growth over the years, Melbourne has become a land of opportunity for all of its residents. The cold, drizzly winters and steamy summers don’t stop the Melbournians from living life to the full, spurring them on to greatness.

Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world, a draw card for tourists and commuters especially when travelling into the city.  There are several historic trams in use around the city, and even tram restaurants to enjoy the ride!

Get rid of your rubbish and live life in Melbourne like you were meant to – call 1800 JunkMan for rubbish removal Melbourne.  Get back to your family, and the fun things in life!

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Rubbish Removal Melbourne

Rubbish Removal Melbourne: 1800 JunkMan is a full service, hands-on junk removal company. We make it easy for the residents of Melbourne to de-clutter and reclaim the valuable space in their home, business or office.

Simply pick up the phone and call 1800 JunkMan. You will be put through to a friendly customer service representative who will take down a brief description of the items you have. He will then offer you a competitive, obligation-free estimate of how much it will cost to remove your rubbish.

At 1800 JunkMan, we aim to recycle whatever we can – whenever we can. Not only does this save our company money, it also saves our clients money and reduces the impact on landfills, allowing us to feel good in doing our part for planet Earth.