Hard Rubbish

Considering the size of our houses, it’s not surprising that sometimes there are things we would like to dispose of or get rid of that are just too big to fit into our tiny government issued bins. It might be a refrigerator that just broke down, an old unused television that you just replaced or even that smelly old sofa that was never the same after your child threw up on it! Do you want to get rid of them, but you don’t know how?


Green Waste

Over time, green waste accumulates in private gardens, corporate gardens outside buildings, in the gardening and landscape industry, as well as in parks or public facilities. Green waste can be disposed of in many ways, and you can actually do it yourself if it’s manageable – if you have lots of space and you don’t mind the physical labour, you can dispose of your garden waste in your own compost


Old Furniture

he old leather lounge suite was bumped into the garage when the funky red one arrived. How great it was to move the old stuff out, relax and enjoy the brand new. But now the old garage couch is sprouting mould and red-back spiders are nesting underneath. Don’t look yet, but there’s a rat’s nest behind the old wardrobe. You've got squillions of photos of your baby girl in her white, enamelled cot. She now sleeps in a big girl’s bed while the cot is stacked precariously on top of Mrs Rat’s house.


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