A workplace with high noise levels is often one of the biggest complaints of employees. Ringing phones, scraping chairs, people talking, and the hum of equipment are factors that contribute to level up the noise cacophony in the workplace.

Offices with open-plan designs exacerbate the noise issue because of the close proximity of a large number of people. Noise reverberations are further exacerbated in open-plan workplaces. People tend to talk louder to be heard, thereby making the environment even noisier.

The appearance of the workplace is often the thing that many businesses willingly invest in. Unfortunately, office soundproofing is often a neglected agenda. Yet, increased stress, reduced productivity, impairing the ability to learn, and lowered concentration levels are products of a noisy workplace.

The noise problem can be stopped in its tracks with the use of the right office soundproofing such as acoustic panels.

How can acoustic panels help?

A wooden frame containing sound-insulating materials such as mineral wool or PET further covered in porous fabric is the technology used in acoustic panels. The design of the panels enables them to control reverberations and trap sound waves in enclosed environments.

Solid surfaces in many large indoor spaces such as ceilings and walls create echoes and noise volume when sound waves bounced off them. However, an acoustic panel purposely built on these areas absorbs the noise as it penetrates its core material. The porous outer layer of the panel generates a small amount of heat as it absorbs and converts the sound waves. The quick dispersion of the heat dissipates the noise instead of letting it bounce off any of the surfaces of the environment. This action causes a dramatic reduction in background noise.

Advantages of acoustic panels

Enhanced communication and sounds

The unwanted noise and echoes from surrounding areas are quickly absorbed by the acoustic panels. This, in turn, creates clearer sounds to enable people to hear and understand each other in settings such as lecture halls, open-plan office designs, or classrooms.

Stress buster

Increased stress happens to workers with the incessant loud noise decibels experienced daily in the workplace. Numerous studies show lower levels of concentration in workers becoming stressed over the high amount of noise levels in the workplace. A welcoming and comfortable environment is quickly attained with the noise reduction help from acoustic panels.

Boosted productivity

It naturally follows that a quieter workplace environment allows workers to concentrate and work better. Comfortable volumes are achieved when taking calls or talking to each other. The comfortable sound volume allows other colleagues to concentrate without loud noise distractions.

Helps maintain a level of privacy

Private conversations become impossible with open-plan offices. While open-plan offices create ease of communication, conducting private conversations can be next to impossible. Helping employees to talk privately without being overheard can be made possible with the installation of acoustic pods or panels.

Enhanced safety in the workplace

Work environments that use noisy machinery and equipment make acoustic panels a must-have item. Accidents can be avoided or prevented when the staff can easily communicate with each other. Hearing each other becomes easier with the noise absorption features of acoustic panels.

The workplace becomes a safer, more productive, and stress-free environment when it’s comfortably quiet. We are here to help you achieve all these things in the workplace.