Pontoon jetties are structures that project from the shore onto the water. They are usually made of timber. Pontoon jetties cannot adjust to tidal chances because they are fixed in one position. As a result, they become submerged when the tide rises and is also left exposed when the tide falls.

Pontoon jetties are a bit expensive to maintain because the materials used to build them (timber) quickly wear down when exposed to too much salinity. One should first exploit other options before opting to go for the pontoon jetties.

Pontoon jetties are common structures in the Australia region, especially in cities that are adjacent to the coast, such as Gold Coast city. Also, pontoon jetties are less expensive compared to the other types of structures that require limited resources.

Factors to consider when building a pontoon jetty

A pontoon jetty is a delicate structure that requires careful thought before building. Here are several factors that must be carefully considered:

  • Cost

Your budget will control other factors. For example, it will determine the size of the jetty and the additional facilities on it. It would be best if you tried to look for a company that fits with your budget to avoid money problems.

  • Region

The region you wish to establish the jetty matters a lot. A jetty cannot adjust to tidal change. Hence you should choose a location where the tides do not have a vast range to minimise damage on the jetty or the boat above it.

  • Size

Depending on your intended use, you should decide on the pontoon’s size that will be appropriate to your needs. It is essential to understand other factors that may interfere with the size of the pontoon.

  • Shape

A pontoon jetty can be designed in almost any shape you want. However, it would help if you gave a realistic shape that can be easily implemented. The shape can also determine the rate of the pontoon wear and tear.

Advantages of pontoon jetties

Pontoon jetties have several merits, and some of them include:

  • They are cheap

Pontoon jetties are less costly as compared to other types of frameworks. Besides, it is easy to maintain them as the materials are cheaply available.

  • They are recreational areas

You can engage in many water recreational activities on pontoon jetties such as fishing, diving, and others. It also provides a calm environment where you can sit and relax while enjoying the fresh air.

Moreover, it is safe to sit and relax on a pontoon jetty because they are carefully designed using rigid materials that can persevere in several conditions.

Factors to consider when choosing a pontoon jetty building firm

You should also analyse the company that is about to build a jetty for you using the following tips:

  • Experience

An excellent firm is one that has been involved in pontoon jetty building for many years and has mastered the art. A well-experienced staff is capable of identifying potential problems while building a jetty to avoid future perils.

  • Licensed

A right firm should have a permit that allows them to manufacture jetties for clients. Permits discourage illegal dealings and unfair competition in the market.

  • They should deliver on time

A perfect company should be able to accomplish the job within the intended time to avoid inconveniencing the client.

They should have readily available materials that can be used to build the products for clients.