The critical thing about GPS vehicle tracking is to understand in what ways it can benefit you and the car you’re driving, Among, the reasons for having a GPS vehicle tracking device, is that you can track the person driving your vehicle. For parents with first-time kids driving this can be a relief. It is a great device to have for companies who need to keep track of their employees while they are on the road. You can be sure that a GPS vehicle tracking device will give you peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle.

1. GPS vehicle tracking protection

The tracking device will alert you if your car is stolen or towed. It is essential to be able to recover a vehicle quickly, and with a tracker, you can see the location of your vehicle on the computer map. Every GPS vehicle tracking device has anti-theft and recovery features. If stolen,  there are three features that the tracking device has which can make for quicker recovery. One feature is that you can send an SMS-text command to the GPS vehicle tracker and disable the car’s electrical system so that the vehicle cannot be restarted. If the tracking device is connected to the alarm system you can remotely activate the alarm, or the doors can be locked, so no more vandalism or damage is done to your car. Finally, knowing the exact location of your car can allow you to recover it quicker.

2. Video and audio streaming

The mobile recorder features of GPS tracking devices let you stream live video and audio. At the same time, the vehicle is in motion. It can record the data for future use in case of an emergency or theft. These kinds of features are particularly useful for companies that have fleets of cars to monitor. It can offer protection for precious cargo transfers, hazardous work areas, airport security vehicles, and others. When hooked up, video streaming can let anyone have a close view of the interior of the car.

3. Motor vehicle data

When integrated into your vehicle, GPS tracking devices can also monitor speed, temperature, and G force during times of hard breaking or if an accident happens. The data is then recorded and monitored through two-way communication and lets you address any driving concerns you might have before any real damage can occur to your vehicle. The tracking device also monitors how your car is performing and if necessary schedules maintenance.

4. Customize to your requirements

No matter what kind of business you have, you can customize your GPS tracking device with mobile DVR for your specific needs. Tracking devices with DVR have tools to help you track your vehicle’s assets, employees, and cargo to protect yourself and your business from any unforeseen situation or get a warning before anything happens.

5. Two-way SMS communication

GPS vehicle tracking devices come with the ability to send two-way SMS communication to mobile devices. As long as you have your mobile device handy, you can get updates on the status of your vehicle, including driving alerts and alarms. In turn, you can send SMS commands to your car such as activating the alarm signal in case someone tries to steal your car. The features in the GPS tracking devices let you know where your vehicle is at all times.

So today a GPS vehicle tracking device by Fleet Complete is a necessity. It saves on the wear and tear of your vehicle, letting you know there is something wrong before it becomes a problem. The devices also take a load off your mind about what is happening with your car when you are not around.