Scarcity of space has resulted in exploring different usages of roof tops. The appropriate use of roof top depends upon the economical resources of the residents and their lifestyle. Before making a rational decision on the rooftop access systems, their usage and exploitation, the residents need to know opportunities available to them so that they may make decisions in accordance with their needs and resources.These options may change in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Town Management. Some Civic areas have restrictions on the usage . Before reaching a decision these regulatory restrictions be kept in mind. Also the load on structures on account of different usages available and material used and height safety equipment melbourne should be meticulously observed.

Roof Top Green

Pollution has caused hazards to the living beings and the atmospheric conditions of the universe. Awareness has created a sense of responsibility in the common man. People are now desirous to have their rooftops green. This greenery adds to the beauty of the house. Flowers and plants of different types are planted on the roof to overcome scarcity of grassy plot on the ground level. 

Home Vegetables

The health conscious individuals prefer to have those vegetables and herbs that are not produced with the help of chemical based fertilizer and use of pesticides. It is felt that the use of chemicals results in loss of nutrition values. Family oriented people are desirous to feed their children organic vegetables after proper treatment can be utilised for growing different species without compromising on the strength and security of the buildings.This activity is gaining popularity.

Installation of Solar Cells

The shortage of energy resources has led to the use of solar energy for meeting the electricity requirements.If the residents utilise their rooftops for providing infrastructure for power generation the housing units can cater their electricity requirements themselves reducing reliance  on external sources. The rooftops can be used laying down solar cells to absorb the energy for generation of electricity. This usage is popular in those locations which have bright sunshine.

Play Area for the Children

Rooftops can also be used for providing play areas for the children.This not only provides working out in open space but also in a secured and controlled environment. It does not imply for baseball or basketball but can be utilised for those healthy activities which require small space. It may include exercise on cycle or work out with weights. This provides an opportunity of workout in a clean and clear atmosphere. Rooftop utilization  provides space for safe and secure placement of these instruments.

Place for Socialisation

There are certain families that have preference for socialisation with friends and families.But the scarcity of space in houses is an impediment. RoofTop provides an alternate for this. Socialisation generally takes place in the evenings. The weather conditions make seating at rooftop in evening a well desired activity. Family and friends  get togethers are with entertainment which requires hectic cleanliness. Rooftop socialisation requires less hassle as the living in the main residential area is not affected.