Many people are buying slides now. You can find them in various styles, colours, and materials. This footwear proves easy to wear, and they are light on the feet. Besides, they are the best shoes for warm weather, especially if you are the sweaty type.

See, no one would want to be seen in public wearing slides in the past. But times have changed. Everyone wants to wear these sliders. Of course, you’ll find them in different qualities, but the primary design remains.

What are slides?

Slides are typically flip flops designed from rubber, and they have a wide strap at the front end of the foot. While the majority are designed from rubber, there is a good number designed from other materials.

You can go for solid colours or patterned slides. But the essential thing is ensuring that your feet are comfortable, especially if you’ll be going outdoors. That means to find the most comfortable footbed and strappings. That will save you from the uncomfortable rubbing.

If you have a pair or two of sliders, you can style it in a number of ways. For example, pair it with any casual outfit.

Reasons sliders are so trendy

Wearing slides comes with advantages and disadvantages. However, the reasons that make these footwears so popular include:

  • They are a fashion statement: initially, few people knew about sliders. However, when big brands took on these flip flops, everyone wants to get a taste. Go to any search engine, and type slides; you’ll get many results from big brands.
  • Easy to wear and take off: with sliders, you just have to slide in or slide out your foot. There is no bother of lacing up or untying the laces. This is what most people like.
  • Comfort: the feeling of rubber beneath the feet and rubber strapping confer some degree of admirable comfort.
  • Good for summer: these footwears are airy; thus, they make it easy to handle the summer heat.
  • Famous people have embraced sliders: this is the major reason why wearing slides has become so popular. High ranking stars, including musicians, are embracing slides. Since people command a huge following, many people get inspiration from them and hence spread popularity.

Tips on wearing slides

Here are some ways you can comfortably wear your slides:

  • Getting the casual look

You can have a casual look every day while wearing slides. Just pair your favourite slides with a pair of jeans, especially the tapered, cropped, or relaxed denim. Moreover, sliders match perfectly with a range of denim washes – stonewash, indigo, or black denim.

If you have a ruched blouse and skinny jeans, then wear them with black heeled slides. You’ll be great for a casual date or summertime cocktails.

  • Embrace a laid-back outfit

The easiest way to do it is to pair your sliders with a pair of linen pants. This dressing is perfect for a beautiful summer look. Ideally, the outfit combination ensures that you are cool and comfortable in different settings from morning to evening.

How about brown woven leather sliders and green linen pants or neutral-coloured slides and a navy linen suit.

  • Patterned slides can add a warm touch

Get a variety of plaid or floral slides to wear with neutral pants or skirts. Flowered stuff may not be your thing, but find sliders with some unique patterns may be a great fashion statement, especially during warm weather.