Fiesole Alia has started to remove the bins on the road. In about two months they will all be removed, thus bringing all citizens of the municipality to adapt to the modalities of the new collection service , based on exposure to the home according to established days and times, and will allow to overcome the initial physiological criticalities when starting a service. .

To date, Alia has already contacted 90% of users residing in the area affected by the new service, net of the start in the summer season. In order to allow citizens to receive information and the collection kit, the counter has been extended to the public .

The Aliapoint, in Via degli Artigiani 10 in Fiesole, will be active until August 31, from Monday to Friday (15.30 – 19.30) and Saturdays (09.00 – 13.00); a suspension of the service is expected from 12 to 17 August. Alia reminds users that home delivery is provided only for wheeled containers of non-domestic users, and invites citizens to go to the counter to receive the kit consisting of calendar and 3 different color bins (organic, paper and cardboard, residue not differentiable, blue bags for plastic / metal / tetrapak / polystyrene packaging and glass bag).

Given the new system activated in the Municipality of Fiesole and the awareness and information actions put in place in this sense, in order to guarantee the possibility of collection even for waste not strictly included in the door to door, Alia is encouraging the use of the Ecofurgone , an equipped vehicle where domestic users can deliver exhausted vegetable oil, neon lamps and tubes, paint in cans and spray cans, toner and printer cartridges, batteries and batteries, small appliances (such as radios, cell phones, hair dryers, toasters, electric tools , blenders etc) and expired drugs.

This is the calendar scheduled for July and August (08-12 hours), which will be significantly increased from September: the 4th Monday of the month at Caldine (via di Bugia); the 1st Tuesday in Compiobbi (p.zza Falcone and Borsellino); the third Thursday in Pian del Mugnone (Piazza della Repubblica); on the second Friday in the Girone (p.zza Pertini) and on the second Saturday in the capital, in Fiesole (p.zza Mino).