Most construction vehicles, including dump trucks, are usually exposed to harsh conditions and elements, especially because they are frequently used in different operations. Like most dump truck vehicles, the trucks carry very heavy loads and are constantly driven off-roads for most of their entire lifespan; they are exposed to getting damaged. This is why you must ensure you equip your dump trucks with the right tyres. Having the right dump truck tyres also helps you prevent downtime and reduce the costs you incur of dump truck repairs and replacement services.

Why is Having the Right Dump Truck Tyres Important

Unfortunately, most people do not understand why they should use the right dump truck tyres. However, the following are some of the reasons why this is important;

  • It makes the ride easier

The quality of the tyres you use will always determine the feeling you have when driving your dump truck. Fortunately, if you have the best dump truck tyre, your vehicle always feels better when driving. These dump truck tyres also improve your truck’s performance allowing your truck to start, turn, stop and even handle any unexpected conditions on the roads perfectly.

  • Enhances safety

As you understand, enhancing the performance of your truck will always make your drive very safe. This is because the quality dump truck tyres ensure that you have a responsive truck even when you want to accelerate, turn, and stop. Also, in case there are obstacles on the road, with high-performing truck tyres, it can be easy to avoid them.

  • Accommodates different road conditions

Dump truck tyres are available in different types, and each can be used on different surfaces. Whether you need tyres for standard roads, highways, snow,

You will always find the right dump truck tyres to accommodate mountain or off-road surfaces.

  • Improves your gas mileage

If you have been experiencing problems with your gas mileage, it could be because of the tyres you are using on your dump trucks. Having the right dump truck tyes ensures you improve your gas mileage. These types usually have excellent treads, increasing handling and performance. Also, maintaining and inflating the dump truck tyres will help you improve your gas mileage. This is because they make your dump truck move properly despite the kind of surfaces they are moving on.

Types of  Dump Truck Tyres and Surfaces They Are Suitable For

If you want to maintain the performance of your dump trucks, then you must find the right tyres for your vehicle. The following are some types of dump truck tyres that you can use;

  • Rib tread truck tyres

The tread tyres have determined the surfaces you can use your dump truck tyres on. This is because the tyre treads offer the traction required to keep the truck in contact with the surfaces they are driven on. Rib tread patterned tyres are perfect for dump trucks used on dry surfaces, making them ideal for trucks driven on highways. This is because they can endure high speeds, handle extreme loads and have excellent tread resistance.

  • Lug tread tyres

If you want to use your dump truck on dirt roads, this is the perfect type of tyres you need. These tyres have improved cut resistance and abrasion. They are suitable for dump trucks in terrains or constriction sites that need low-speed stability since they offer a perfect grip during acceleration and under braking.

  • Mix light tread tyres

These tyres usually have lug and rib tread designs on the same wheel. They are suitable for paved and dirt roads requiring trucks to move at mid to low speeds. The tyres also offer dump trucks with directional control, increased acceleration, high-speed stability and stopping power on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

  • Block  tread tyres

For wet paved surfaces, you should get block tread tyres. These premium dump truck tyres from Bearcat usually feature a design that allows water dispersal and improves stability and truck handling on wet surfaces.